These days, even with one computer you probably have a network of some kind. We have an experience with networks of well over 100 devices. We also have extensive experience in designing and delivering networks of all types and sizes.

Small Networks

Which is include multiple devices sharing resources like internet, files, media, printers and scanners – wired and wirelessly connected.

Corporate Networks

We are experienced in all kinds of business IT network structures. From Multiple independent networks, segregated physically networks with VLANs.

WiFi Hotspots

We can build WiFi hotspot solutions for individuals, hotels, motels, lodges, cafes, restaurants, public places and corporate offices.

We Do This:-

New system design & setups
Virus/Spyware removal
Software clean-ups
Software & operating systems installation
Data recovery
Systems and data migration from servers to cloud
And many more…

We Bill This:-

On-site $60/hr
Remote Login $60/hr
Travelling $35/hr
Telephone Support $40/hr

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If you need any of our services, feel free to contact us anytime.